Member Feature – Yoliswa Mqoco

Yo, Yoliswa! A quick chat with SKYY’s September Instagram Influencer We had a quick chat with our September Instagram Influencer, Yoliswa Mqoco...

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Yo, Yoliswa! A quick chat with SKYY’s September Instagram Influencer

We had a quick chat with our September Instagram Influencer, Yoliswa Mqoco (24), to learn more about her dreams, inspirations and future ambitions. Here’s what she had to say.

About her claim to fame

I grew up and went to school in Pretoria, then took a gap year and came back to study HR, which I quickly realised wasn’t for me. Next, I decided to attend Lisof Design School & Retail Education Institute in Pretoria, where my love of fashion developed and lead to my initial ‘outfit of the day’ Instagram pictures. About a year and a half ago I was working at a small boutique fashion outlet with a small client base of styling clients. At this point I started posting daily photos of my outfits, which garnered a lot of attention and ultimately lead to a slew of new clients and contracts. The more my online brand developed, the better my businesses did.

About getting a foothold on Instagram

The simplest way to get a foothold on Instagram is to be consistent. You have to be episodic and post every day – be in their face the whole time. High quality imagery is a given, but authentic posts result in bigger engagement because people want to relate to you. I grew my audience by being real and true to who I am.

About ‘living audaciously’

To me, living audaciously means not caring what people think, mainly because that is a recipe for disaster. Do what you want, when you want, say what you need to say, wear what you want and back yourself in every way that you choose to express your individuality.

About her biggest accomplishment

I would have to say the Jet Love Yourself campaign. The campaign sought to raise awareness for body confidence across the size spectrum and required me to pose in my underwear, which was very far out of my comfort zone. I believe it is very important for women around the country to realise that they must love their bodies no matter the shape. #JetLoveYourself

About dressing for success

I dress to suit whatever mood I’m in, which is very important for my frame of mind. I also dress to suit my body – fit is everything. Be aware of your body and don’t lie to yourself-  if you’re a size 38, you’re a size 38 and no amount of mind games will change the fit of something smaller. Don’t follow trends blindly – create your own style and look. Fashion is only an expression of yourself and if you follow trends to closely you won’t reflect your true self.

About the future

People may think I’m mad, but I’m really ready to be a mother, so I am hoping to meet someone special and start a family. Career wise I’ve been developing a jewellery line in the hopes of partnering with an affordable retail outlet, so South African women can have access to cool, unique, intense-looking pieces that won’t break the bank. Right now we’re wrapping up the last part of the design process.  The jewellery is going to be loud, but not overwhelming, and I’m excited to see this process take shape.

About sticking it out

Earning a living through social media is not easy, but I have a lot of support from my audience who will cheer me up when I’m having a rough day. A lot of people have shared stories of how one of my posts helped them to get through their day, and that kind of thing really keeps me going. My followers really have my back, without their support I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

About staying inspired

I don’t have a favourite motivational quote, but I do know a little poem that I relate to a lot:

Sometimes I’m the mess

Sometimes I’m the broom

On the hardest days

I have to be both

Thank you for sharing your hard-won wisdom with the SKYY community Yoliswa. We love your work and look forward to seeing what you get up to next!